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Why Are You Stuck?

Take this quiz to pinpoint the area(s) where you feel stuck, stagnant, trapped.

The first step in figuring out why you don’t already have what you want in life is to determine what is holding you back.

Some questions may have more than one answer that suits you. Pick that one that is MOST applicable. Answer with radical honestly for the best results.

Your personalized results will point you in a direction to help you get un-stuck, too!

For each question, choose the MOST applicable answer.



When it comes to changing your life, what are you most afraid of?

People Pleaser - afraid of disappointing others.

Slave - busy, scattered, exhausted from working and fulfilling obligations.

Procrastinator - skilled at avoidance, often experience overwhelm.

Doubter - plagued by negative thoughts and reactions.

Storyteller - retelling the difficult parts of your past.

Unworthy - belief that "I'm not good enough".

Which category describes you the best?

I often feel

I crave

Choose one:

If I could just ________________, I would be so happy!

Do you have a sense that there is more for you in life if you could just figure out what it is?

Where do you think you are stuck?

Which answer fits you the best:

Sometimes I feel anxious because:

I'm afraid

Something terrible and beyond my control happened to me