Too often in life we never move forward because we simply don’t know where to start.


“Everything begins somewhere.” C.S. Lewis
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Carl Sagan
“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” Robert Kiyosaki
“I just need somewhere to dump all my negativity.” Van Morrison
With this in mind, I’ve created a brilliant plan to solve this tricky dilemma… a Somewhere Session!

You and I will visit via phone, skype, or in person for a 30 minute in-depth kick your ass in gear session.

Somewhere. It’s the best place to start.

somewheresessionAs your Transformation Tour Guide, we’ll start by figuring out where you are, where you want to go, and how you’ll get there. We’ll look at why you feel stuck, and how to eliminate your obstacles. We’ll get you a clear map with outlined baby steps. Our first session will be a BREAKTHROUGH for you, because I’m going to look you right in the soul and help you remember who you really are when you aren’t pretending to be what you think others want to see.

In this 30 minute session, we will

  • identify EXACTLY where you are (depressed? stressed? scared?)
  •  identify where you’d like to be (confident? happy? connected?)
  • figure out what’s keeping you from getting there (old beliefs? hurts? fears?)
  • and make a plan that you can wholeheartedly embrace to start moving forward.


You’re going to feel like skipping down the hall, playing hop-scotch, and faux wrestling with puppies after one half hour. Guaranteed.

Give yourself the gift of starting.


Feel empowered, inspired, acknowledged, validated, hope-full.

Fabulous place to start, eh?

Schedule now!
Paul Economou

As a person who has worn many many masks, when I look back I see that each one was a sort of cocoon. Once my true self became condensed enough to shed the mask it would be replaced by that next container or mask… each eventually hardened into another iteration of a or container…. each of these were protection, safety, and comfort… but all seemed to pass into another. Lately it feels like I’ve shed many of these masks, and finally they are all mostly arbitrary.

Janet, eventually after we realize that each of these things is a building blocks for who we are, we accept finally our Whole selves. You have seen who I was, who I am, far before I could. And I just need to say… Thanks for holding space for us!

Paul Economou - Indianapolis, Indiana

Annie Gruber

I’ve lived with so much shame in my life, it’s ridiculous. I’ve been beating myself up for not being happy when I “should” be, and I have never dared admit it to a single soul.

How is it I could live my whole life feeling like something is wrong with me, and in one hour find hope, inspiration, empowerment? I am strangely comforted that other people experience these feelings of sadness and displacement, which I also didn’t realize are the same as symptoms of depression. Just the idea that I can break free from my perpetual fog amazes me.

For me, knowing that I’ve been out of alignment with my Soul is a significant and life-changing realization. Giving away my power has been the root of my lifelong funk. I’m still absorbing this concept, letting it move through me so I can become bold and courageous enough to say how I really feel and make choices that really matter to me motivated by the thought of honoring my authentic self.

I am forever changed by the awareness that I can live without feeling stuck or trapped!


Annie Gruber - Kansas City, Missouri

Cherryn Wight

Butterfly Maiden is a force for positive change unlike any I have ever seen. Janet, more than anything I hope for you that this project goes world wide! This is the change and force we need. People opening to themselves, loving themselves, nurturing themselves. This change is so beautiful and pays itself forward a million times over!

Cherryn Wight - Rigby, ID

Donna Bingham

I vouch for Janet’s accuracy and integrity! I’ve had readings before with others where I felt like something was ‘off’ – the information didn’t resonate within me and I didn’t feel like I could trust it. The first time I met Janet, she easily pinpointed my tender spots before I ever told her what I was struggling with. Her insight helped me immediately!

Donna Bingham - Mountain Home, ID

Stewart Marshall

Excellent manifesto! I love the butterfly metamorphosis metaphor – and the corresponding stages: emergence, confidence, flight. And of course, bringing about change in an interlinked, networked world – sending out small ripples – like the butterfly wing flapping and causing massive change on the other side of the world…

Stewart Marshall - Barbados

Kent Millar

I am so damned excited I can hardly contain it!!! I want it all. I realize I am worth it and I am comfortable with you -Your goofiness, openess and just the overall comfort I have with talking with you. I can also tell you’ll be an ass kicker when needed. Thank you for being you, for being a light to help me find my way. Your coaching style is just what I need to get me out of my funk.

Kent Millar - Salt Lake City, UT

Kathy Freeman

My husband and I were on a cross country roadtrip this summer when we ran into car trouble in Idaho. I’d been having quite a bit of anxiety during the trip, and since we were stuck, I decided to look for a healer in the area. I found Janet’s website after looking at several and I chose to go see her because of her non-dogmatic approach. I was trained at the Psychic Institute in Berkeley, so I have a good sense about other healers. Janet was able to see me right away, and she quickly identified the issues causing my anxieties and helped me release them immediately. Because we were stuck, without a vehicle, she offered to come and meet us for lunch and show us around her town. I found a top-notch healer and made a new friend on my trip! I’ve worked with many healers and I can confidently recommend Janet’s approach to energy work and healing!

Kathy Freeman - Sacramento, California

Janean Wright

I loved our session! It amazes me that you can give me clarity that I’ve been missing in my life. When we started, I was foggy, couldn’t remember who I am and had no idea what I should be doing in life. After just ONE session, we cleared a couple of big blocks and I’ve got some big goals that I now feel inspired and motivated to start working on!

Janean Wright - Fillmore, UT

Jamie N.

This is the first time I’ve left a reading feeling empowered instead of entertained!

Jamie N. - Pocatello, Idaho

Austin Grady

I was not prepared for your work to go this deep, Janet. Your strength in creating this program is matched in equal force to your compassion – as the growth that is gained through the weekly exchange is phenomenal.

Austin Grady - Modesto, CA

Vanessa Anderson

I used to be that girl who runs around with a billion crazy ideas, no plan for following through, no discipline and no commitment. I felt like life was getting away from me and I wasn’t being very effective at being a decent human being. That might sound dramatic, but I felt very chaotic, emotionally.

I am proud to share that I just finished something. Something big! For the first time in my life!

I finished something that *I* wanted to do for *ME*. Not something that I thought I SHOULD do, not something that I did for somebody else or for somebody else’s approval, or in order to support somebody else. I did it for no other reason than because I WANTED to. Because I felt drawn to it, curious about it. This is absolutely HUGE For me after everything I’ve started and dropped.

If it weren’t for my life coach, Janet, I wouldn’t have had the courage to start it, or the fortitude to complete it. Her guidance and support helped me discover what I wanted to do with my life and then take the necessary steps to make it happen. I am on cloud 9 and so proud of myself!

Vanessa Anderson - Shelley, Idaho

Evan Wilson

I didn’t even know people like Janet existed. I still don’t understand, but I am now a believer. There is no possible way she could have known the details of my life!

Evan Wilson - Spokane, WA

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