Advocating Mindfulness: The Key to Tranquility and Inner Peace

Mindfulness is often equated to relaxation, peace, and serenity. Tranquility abounds when you have let go of your own inner conflict. The mind is easier to quiet. Meditation becomes easier to practice.

But what is mindfulness?

advocating mindfulnessIt is the art of being aware and present in a specific moment.

It is the intention to feel, experience, think, and choose from a place of focused intention. Being mindful indicates you are actively participating in your own life, rather than passively reacting.

The realization that you have control and influence over your own life is a key concept you will need to understand to practice mindfulness. In every moment, you can choose. Choose to go into quiet contemplation, consult with your inner guide or higher self, make decisions that are aligned with your integrity, maintain your own boundaries, and so much more.

Techniques to Achieve Mindfulness

One who aspires to reach a pleasant state of neutrality can take small steps every day. Here are a few suggestions to assist you:

  • You might explore yoga as an activity that engages the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Learning to meditate will encourage you to quiet your mind and ignore the incessant chatter that can clutter your mind.
  • Anything that will help you reach a state of relaxation such as massage, stretching, reading, bathing, walking, and gardening are all excellent activities.

Developing Mindfulness as a habit

mindfulness quoteWith a concept so foreign to so many of us, how do we go about incorporating it into our lives?

The first step is to experience the state of neutral awareness that allows you to remain centered within your own energy, beliefs, and intentions. Once you know what this feels like, you will undoubtedly desire to have this experience again and again.

When typical daily life throws a curve ball at you, you will strive to achieve this state of purposeful awareness, rather than egoic reaction as often as you can.

Mindfulness teaches that when you catch yourself reacting, breathe deeply and remember what your priorities really are in life. (click to Tweet)

Do you desire the emotional outburst and its dramatic release more than you crave the peaceful state of inner tranquility?

You’ll know you’re making progress towards perpetual mindfulness when you regularly and effortlessly consciously choose how you will respond to life, on a daily basis.

In this day and age, mindfulness is a worthy goal that can be achieved by anyone at any time. Remember that it is a choice and the next time you are feeling anger building up within you as you experience delays in traffic, choose, instead to be mindful of the opportunity you have to be present, to be centered, to be calm.

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 viva la mindfulness et al!

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