What’s On Your Positive List Today?

Last week, an unexpectedly light-hearted and positive blog post caught my eye from the brilliant minds over at Social Geek. I’m happy to share it with you today as our Transformation Tuesday topic!

Five Positive Things

Here’s a fun little experiment on making big changes, increasing happiness, by doing small things.

Start out this coming week by taking a little time each day to confirm 5 things positive about your reality.

Bump out a little notch of time, 5 minutes or less, the faster the better, make a little effort of thought, and list in your mind 5 items about your world, your life, or yourself that are good, positive, or that you are thankful for. It can be something as easy as “I am thankful for having a comfortable chair to sit in” or even silly like “I have the best looking little toe of anyone I know”.

The only rule is it must be 100% positive, for once, not sarcastic. So this disqualifies “I am thankful for my fat gut because it keeps my huge pants up” or other counter productive thoughts.

Time is a factor in this experiment, going fast helps keep us honest with ourselves. Can you do it in just a few seconds? How far did you get? Can’t come up with 5 Things?

Work on it throughout the day until you think of things with ease; add them to the list the next day.

If you don’t have 5 things right away, use some of the same ones each day until you do – if 5 things come easy, try and think of new ones each day.

Already there you say? You’re a happiness guru? Good! Now,  each day go and turn that same idea outwards: find 5 Things each day to tell those around you about themselves that is 100% positive that is good or that you are thankful for about them or your time together.

Keeping it 100% positive without negatively sarcasm becomes a little more important now, don’t it!? 

Spread it out over multiple people and interactions of course – let’s be honest, your friends will think you want to borrow money if you start complimenting them a dozen times a day!

Top 5 Positive ThingsIsn’t funny how unused to feeling appreciated, beautiful, good, positive each of us is? You feel a little crazy during the first part of this exercise, and during the second part everyone looks at you like you are too!

The good news is through implementing this small change you’ve already helped change that. You’ll likely find you’ve improved how you think about yourself as well as the impressions of those around you too; even your environment itself.

Feel free to chime in! Share your 5 with us here! We’d love to hear how your experiment went, tell us a few of the things you love about your particular choice in reality.  Bah humbug on positive mental reinforcement? Tell us that too! What’s your way to get happy and boost your own confidence? Got a special technique – share it!

See what I mean? Fantastic post from our friends over at www.SocialGeek.Org

Challenge: Identify and confirm 5 positive things about your current reality. Let go of the sarcastic, backwards approach in your perspective.

  1. Answer each of the questions – you may want to start a journal or a blog to reflect on your journey.
  2. Share your thoughts with us! (Leave a comment, make a post in the Facebook Group, or even shout out on Twitter!)
  3. Share this article with others who might benefit from taking the Positive List challenge!

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