What Are You Waiting For?

Those big ideas you have… where someday you just know that you are going to accomplish something amazing… why aren’t you actively working on them right now? What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?Are you waiting for something to happen to you that indicates you are now ready, that somehow you have finally arrived at a place of influence and effectiveness? Do you need a sign to signal that you are finally ready, that the time has come for you to pursue your goals/dreams?

A couple of years ago, I was developing a new method of giving intuitive readings… and practicing on myself. The information I kept getting indicated that I have some pretty amazing projects to get to – which dumbfounded me, temporarily. In my mind, I would start doing ‘amazing’ things… someday. Someday when I felt more confident in my own gifts, when I had enough certificates on my wall…

I had a long list of reasons for waiting until Someday to get started, but these readings kept telling me very clearly that I came here for a reason and I had work to do – NOW. Skeptically, I called up a friend of mine who I knew to be extremely intuitive and trustworthy and I simply asked, “Is it true?”

When she said “yes”, I broke down in tears.

It was as if, in that moment, I understood that it was time to quit postponing the embracing of my own potential. There was nothing more I needed to do to be worthy enough – and any other excuse I could muster to explain why I couldn’t step up right away – was simply that… an excuse.

For me, my perception of my own life changed with the new found awareness that nothing was holding me back, but my beliefs about my own readiness, a.k.a. worthiness. I could no longer hide behind all the things I thought I needed to do before I could start making progress.

Exactly what are you waiting for?

  • Are you riding the seemingly never-ending carousel of Self-Improvement?
  • Do you believe you can make a difference when you have more education? More initials after your name? A fatter bank account? A thinner body?
  •  What if you have everything you need right now, and any other beliefs are simply illusions that keep you from moving forward?
  •  Could this belief be a form of self-sabotage?
  •  How does your life look when you understand and accept that you don’t have anything that you need to prove?
  •  When you understand just how amazing you already are, what steps can you take today towards fulfilling your goals, dreams, and purpose?

Challenge: Pause to consider what requirements you have inadvertently set in place as illusory obstacles to taking action NOW. Contemplate what you can begin creating if you give yourself permission to be amazingly worthy right in this very moment.

As far as I’m concerned, you are wonderfully amazing right in this moment and you don’t need to wait for any more evidence to prove to yourself that this is true!

With mucho a latte of love and respect,

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