Setting Boundaries to Protect Yourself, Part 1

I catch myself teaching my clients the importance of personal boundaries in nearly every single session. I’ve actually considered recording my spiel and offering it as a download to my readers and clients – because for those who are new to this awareness, it can seem overwhelming. Taking care of your own energy and space takes practice and effort, just like any other kind of personal maintenance.

Suffice it to say, I talk about setting boundaries to protect yourself A LOT.

Imagine my surprise when I wake up this morning and finally drag my butt to the computer to get some work done, where lo and behold – hackers have taken over my website! My first thought, “Um, how can this be? I have an amazing firewall and security system in place to protect me from these meanies!”

And then I remembered… Over the weekend, I was playing with some new features and working on the general overhaul of the website, and I had turned OFF my protection. Silly me forgot to turn it back on.

Personal Boundaries SignToday is Tuesday. I turned my protection off on Sunday evening. Within 48 hours of my defenses being down, some random stranger with malicious intent got into my space and started messing things up. That’s pretty quick, don’t you think?

So I spent the entire day working tirelessly to clean up the crap the hackers installed and to revamp my boundaries – knowing full well that until I got control back of my own website, that my Transformation Tuesday post would be late. . . and all the while smirking about how important it is to protect yourself.

As I realized the implications of my oversight, I could clearly see how often this kind of hack job happens with my personal space.

Do I know how to set boundaries? Absolutely.

Do I always remember to set them? Absolutely not.

How about you?

  • Do you know how to set personal boundaries?
  • If not, are you interested in learning more about it?
  • Are you aware that boundaries are necessary daily?
  • What does it feel like when your defenses are down?
  • Do you have personal experience with your boundaries being down and your space was ‘hacked’?
  • How did you recover?

Challenge: Ponder the importance of setting boundaries to protect yourself. Contemplate how often you are actively caring for your own energy/space.

  1. Answer each of the questions – you may want to start a journal or a blog to reflect on your journey.
  2. Share your thoughts with us! (Leave a comment, make a post in the Facebook Group, or even shout out on Twitter!)
  3. Pay attention to how you feel when you are around other people. Do you feel energized? drained?

Extra Credit:

With mucho a latte of love and respect,

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