Self Love, Part 1: Realizing You Are Not Just A Diamond In The Rough

self love quoteLearning to love the self may be the single most universal struggle that humanity faces. Self Love is a daunting challenge, especially when you consider the amount of programming you’ve had throughout your life that causes you to believe that loving your self is tantamount to selfishness, vanity, narcissism, and so forth.

Unfortunately, societal norms continue to teach us that love and acceptance come from outside of us. Individually, we’re driven to seek approval, acceptance, and love from others in a never-ending quest to satisfy our personal feelings of unworthiness. And though we are often told that learning to love the self is the greatest love of all, this is often an academic point that makes sense on a logical level, yet can be difficult to apply in our lives.

Honoring Self Does Not Equal Selfishness

From my perspective, the first step toward Self Love is realizing that you are deserving of it! All too often when I’m visiting with clients, I observe how their power and happiness are given away in the pursuit of seeking love from an external source. Perhaps, they presume that if they do enough for others – if they achieve certain goals – then, and only then, they will be deserving of unconditional love. It’s as though they perceive themselves as diamonds in the rough, expecting to spend the majority of their lives getting polished so that one day they can shine.

How often do you view yourself in this manner, as a diamond in the rough, thinking that someday you will be ‘good enough‘… ?

Consider this – simply because you exist, you are already a diamond. Regardless of your belief system, there is a spark of divinity that lights up your entire being. When you feel dull, lackluster, ‘less than’, it is simply your job to clear away the mud to reveal the diamond underneath. Please don’t fall victim to the notion that your mistakes (a.k.a. sins), shortcomings, or imperfections somehow undermine your personal brilliance at a soul level.

Mud-Clearing = Self Love

When you care enough about yourself to clear away the mud that prevents you from shining like the brilliant diamond you are, you experience the often-elusive all-encompassing bliss known as Self Love. You clear away dirt and debris by letting go of the past, forgiving yourself (and others) for mistakes, removing faulty programming that no longer serves you… all in an effort to reveal the diamond you already are.

Challenge: Deeply consider that you are already a spark of divinity, a diamond. Contemplate what constitutes the mud that keeps you from shining with complete brilliance. Ponder the topic of Self Love and your own feelings of worthiness.


With mucho a latte of love and respect,

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