Drama and the Ego

Oh, Ego! Why must you be such a #$%%@?

Contemplating the Ego

I’ve been contemplating the nature of the ego in the past little while. It’s function is often mysterious and confounding. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in close proximity with another being who recognizes the role the ego plays in daily life, and we’ve developed a comfortable system of allowing each other to just ‘BE’. Because we can both read the other’s energies, and very often each other’s thoughts, it is difficult to hide anything. Often, a snarky thought or comment comes up, and we are learning to NOT take anything personally. Rather, to mutually acknowledge the ego at work in that moment.

For example, I might catch Z thinking a thought that questions, judges, or criticizes the action I’ve just taken. At this point, I take no offense to the thought because I realize it was an egoic response. Then, I mention it to him, in a joking manner – “Quit thinking judgmental thoughts at me!” And now, he’s in a position to analyze his ego, and why it was in the forefront at that moment. This goes both ways. Great learning experience!

Why does the ego act up?

I’ve been thinking about why we have the ego, why it is present, and why it seems to interfere. I have had my ego flare up quite a bit lately, and I don’t actually enjoy the feeling. The ego is a source of pain to us when we forget that it is presenting us with an illusion. Nearly every painful circumstance contains hurt because that is what our ego has convinced us is real, and is then able to tap into the emotion to convince us this is Truth. I recognize when it is my ego working, and I also know that there are two responses – my ego response, and my soul level. One is genuine, the other is superficial. This is an important distinction.

I’ve come to this conclusion:

The ego flares up on two occasions; when it feels the need to protect and when it senses human drama.

If my ego is acting up, it senses that I might be in danger of some kind (whether real or perceived) and it goes about in its dysfunctional way to protect. The ego also buys into any detection of drama, because it loves the intensity of emotion and feeds off of it. These are two dangerous ingredients when combined are the recipe for a painful scenario! Especially when we are dealing with someone that we care about deeply.

Soothing the ego

I’ve had the opportunity lately to develop or expand friendships that are vital to the expansion of my consciousness. One friend asked me today if my ego has flared up during any of our conversations, and I could honestly say no.

The answer is because I have felt no need to protect myself in any way. Every interaction has been kind, generous, compassionate, authentic, peaceful, and wonderful. The ego is able to rest under these conditions. Additionally, there has been no sense of drama in our interactions with one another. It is very easy to just ‘BE’. To allow the energy to flow, the conversation to unfold.

Because I’m at a place where I’m striving to breakthrough a plateau in my spiritual awareness, I aspire to embrace my ego – to lovingly merge in gratitude. I will then avoid the two catalysts which are needing to protect myself, and human drama (as often as I can) in an effort to remain in a calm and peaceful state.I aspire to maintain this alignment in all of my interactions and communications. From this place, where my ego is tempered, and I have access to my authentic Soul Level responses, I will simply ‘BE’.


With mucho a latte of love and respect,

p.s. Do you recognize when your ego is flaring up? How do you keep it in check? Leave a comment – let’s discuss!
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