Darling Daughter’s Creativity Reveals a Key to Seeing the Big Picture

Before the Big Picture Revelation

There was a time in my life where you might have described me as “anal retentive”.

I call this my Former Life and in that incarnation, I loved to balance my finances down to the last penny every single Friday. I required that all of the wood in my house be of similar color, stain, and grain – this includes furniture pieces, frames, cabinets, and accessories. My closet was organized by article, then by use, and then by color. I wanted everything to be in perfect order.

Sometimes I look back at that version of me and I am in awe at how different I am now.

Back then, I was so caught up in the details that my big picture vision was lacking. I have almost completely transformed from that person, into a more free-flowing, creative, artsy sort of person… but, I have a few flare-ups from time to time.

Take my fingernails and toenails, for example. As you can imagine, my original preference is to have them a certain length and all the same color. Even though I regularly allow my daughters to give me make-overs, including manicures and pedicures, I have always been a stickler about choosing which single color would be applied to my nails.

The Big Picture Presented by a Child

In my Former Life, I would have never been caught with chipped or peeling nails, either. Look how far I’ve come! *snicker

Recently, a makeover took place, and as I was multi-tasking (letting her primp, prod, and poke as I worked on my laptop), my daughter pulled a fast one on me. She painted my finger nails with THREE different colors -a pretty melon, a golden yellow, and a deep pink. Each nail was a single color, but the colors rotated from melon to yellow to pink and then started over.


I thought it slightly unusual for her to intentionally not follow my wishes. So, I asked her why she painted my nails in all these different colors.

“Because these are your favorite colors from every sunset, Mom. They’re called ‘Sunset Nails’. I painted mine that way, too – to remind me of you.”

Well, I’ll be damned if this isn’t my new favorite way to have my fingernails painted! My attachment to the ‘same-ness’, the match-y match-y, and the order from my Former Life seems so irrelevant to me now. Every time I look at my own fingers, I am reminded of how thoughtful my daughter is. She knows how much I love those colors, and how much I enjoy the sunset. And what was once a desire for order and neatness is now an eccentrically bold (for me) fashion statement.

How often are we missing the Big Picture?

This experience got me wondering how often we are so attached to details of everyday living that we miss the bigger picture. Is catching that larger vision as simple as trying something new? Perhaps. Yet, having multi-colored fingernails was a first for me, so I suspect the vision of the big picture is much more than just a new experience.

I suspect that creativity infused with mindfulness and meaning = experiencing the big picture.

And my darling daughter gets the credit for revealing this to me.

With mucho a latte of love and respect,

Your Transformation Tour Guide

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I love the big picture

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