Boldly Moving Forward – The Art of Letting Go

This past week I’ve spent quite a bit of time contemplating what I fondly call “the art of letting go”. I classify this action as art because there are no rigid rules to follow, and each of us will approach it in our uniquely individual manner. I can guide you through some techniques, but ultimately, you decide what medium you want to use, and only you can determine when you are ready to confidently reveal your masterpiece.

As a guide, though, I can help you understand the Art of Letting Go so that you can apply tips and tricks to your situation. First things first, though – we need to get on the same page. [divider]

What does ‘Letting Go” mean to you?

    • Are you letting go of the past? of a memory? an injury? a trauma?
    • Are you letting go of an excuse? a relationship? an addiction? old habits that no longer serve you?
    • Are you letting go of your need to be in control? your attachment to ideas, possessions, or people?

Whatever you perceive as needing to be ‘let go of’ in your own life, imagine it is an anchor that holds your ship in place. While the anchor is down, your ship isn’t going anywhere.

The Art of Letting Go is simply the pulling up of the anchors that would otherwise keep us tied down.

Freedom comes from pulling up anchors, and boldly moving forward can only happen if we are living a fluid life.[divider]

But how do YOU go about just letting go?

    1. Identifying your anchors is the first step.
    2. Decide that you want to move forward in your life without this weight – you are no longer willing to bear the burden of this attachment.
    3. Choose a course of action that allows you to process through it. This may be counseling, healing, a great book, prayer or any other method that appeals to you.
    4. Trust that it is possible to not only lift up your anchor, but eliminate it.
    5. Continue to choose to be free, fluid, and continuously moving.

What will you choose to let go of? How will you go about letting go of it?[divider_top]

Challenge: Define what “letting go” means to you. Identify anchors in your life you need to address to move forward freely. Commit to boldly move forward.


  1. Answer each of the questions – you may want to start a journal or a blog to reflect on your journey.
  2. Share your thoughts with us! (Leave a comment, make a post in the Facebook Group, or even shout out on Twitter!)

Anchors Aweigh! 

With mucho a latte of love and respect,

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