Metamorphosis Manifesto


Release empowered, inspired, hopeful, passionate, butterflies out into the world to effect positive change


We will empower, inspire, support you through the Stages of Transformation:


We challenge you to:

Take responsibility for your own life, committing to become a more authentic version of yourself. This means letting go of the old baggage, and purposefully working towards a better version of your self than you’ve ever been.

Live out of integrity and authenticity, setting a good example for everyone who you interact with.

Step out of your comfort zone and consider ways that YOU can make a difference in your community and surrounding areas. We will help support you in your own Pay It Forward, Random Acts of Kindness, and other Humanitarian projects.

Who are we?

We are a community of positive people who want to make a difference in this world. And we know that before we can influence others, we have to take care of business at home first. We’re committed to becoming better versions of our selves. 

Together, we will:

 Learn to let go of the crap that weighs us down

 Embrace our potential

 Display our true colors, and then…

 Take our courageous authenticity out in to the world to make a difference!

WHY are we doing this?

Here’s the deal. We are passionate about the ‘butterfly effect’ and the ripples of positive influence we can have. But, we have to get started first by taking care of our own fears and insecurities.

As each one of us becomes more confident, bold, and daring – through validation and empowerment – we will be encouraged to embark on new adventures to help beyond our immediate friends and family, and reach out to the community.

The support network we are building has potential to change the world.

HOW we’re doing it:

Our online community allows us to interact with beautiful people from all over the world! We serve as a resource for inspiration and empowerment, and most of all – we offer a place to feel safe…. a key element in exploring & discovering who you really are!

Weekly and daily transformation challenges are set. We encourage our community to take part in the challenges sharing their thoughts/feelings, doing the suggested exercises, and implementing the new insights!

 [These challenges are provided as a free service to our community and you are under no obligation to participate]


If you’ve been looking for something to help push you forward, keep you accountable, and facilitate transformation from within – you’ve found it! 


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