Hi, my name is Janet Louise Stephenson.

And I am a Recovering People Pleaser.

a.k.a. Former Mask Wearer


Janet Louise StephensonThere was a time in my life when I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. It scared the crap out of me.

I was the epitome of “don’t-know-who-I-am-if-I’m-not-playing-a-role”. Since I had never taken the time to get to know me, these defined roles helped me make sense of my life.

Those days are 90% behind me, but I still have an occasional re-lapse back into people pleasing mode.

Here’s a great example – I couldn’t decide which version of my “bio” to include, so you get to choose from several. Click on your fave, or click through all three.


Take a peek @ Janet Louise:

Life taught me the lessons I needed to learn, to be able to help others headed down a similar path.

I was adopted as a child, after being passed around from family to family. This experience formed the basis for my belief that if I could just be perfect enough, if I never gave them a reason to be disappointed in me, then they would keep me.

13445604_10153688866369135_8934900738731105915_nI did not realize this drive to please everyone completely consumed my life until well into my 30’s. I spent more than 25 years of my life looking outside of myself for social cues to see if I was “good enough”.

One morning, I woke up and didn’t recognize that gal in the mirror. Talk about a terrifying, life-altering moment. Now, I’m grateful that my soul gave me such a strong jolt that I couldn’t deny the discrepancy in my life… this wasn’t just a nagging feeling that there was more for me, I’d already been avoiding that – losing interest in the facade I’d created, resorting to anti-depressants to elevate my mood or numb my dissatisfaction.

[sidenote: I believe with all my heart that a significant root cause of the rampant depression in our society is based on ignoring the call from within because we’re more concerned about how it looks to everyone else.]

But, that morning, looking in the mirror, I didn’t know that yet. All I knew for sure was that the life I’d been creating was NOT a reflection of me. It was contrived. Built to impress everyone else. Carefully created for them to shower me with compliments and approval.

Yep, everything looked great on the outside. But, I was miserable on the inside.

And I felt like such a jackass for being unhappy, since I “should” have been perfectly pleased with my perfect life.

That summer was tough for me. I’m not gonna lie. I cried for hours every single day – and not the tears of a typical depressive episode – I was sobbing at the recognition that this life I was living… it wasn’t mine… and the choices I was considering making in my life were going to devastate the people who cared about me the most.

Ouch, that still stings a bit… crying as I type this.

At that time, I honestly couldn’t have told you what my favorite colors were, what brought me joy, what lit my fire… because I didn’t know. I was such an expert at assimilating, the quintessential chameleon. I knew what people expected from me. and I knew how to be that for them.

But, I didn’t have a freakin’ clue how to just be me.

I didn’t know who I was.

And I started wondering, ‘If I don’t know who I am, then who is it that all of these people in my life love?” Do they love their version of me? Or the way that I fill their needs? If I stop being what they expect from me, will they still love me… accept me… ?

The fear of what everyone else would think of me if I started to explore who I am… well, it scared the shit out of me.

Believe me, friend, I know INTIMATELY how it feels to be stuck behind the walls of expectation and obligation. I was a prisoner of my need for everyone else to like me.

Good news, though! I blazed a trail for you to follow. I remember acutely how much I wanted to have a friend, confidante, guide, mentor, travel partner… I know what worked, and what didn’t… and I also know the quickest route, and the hardest one.

Combine my personal experiences with my education, certification, and other credentials, and you’ve got the ideal Transformation Tour Guide.


{ standard third-person bio }

Janet Louise Stephenson spent most of her life asking questions that couldn’t be answered with the resources she had access to. She knows intimately of the courage required to explore ideas, beliefs, and possibilities that exist outside of the framework established in childhood. Janet has spent many years questioning every concept she was ever taught, exploring her own thoughts and beliefs, coming to new levels of understanding, while ever growing and reconciling.

In a never ending quest for more knowledge, Janet has studied a broad spectrum of topics covering everything from ancient spirituality and world religions to quantum physics and alternative medicine, and quite a bit in between! She has also dabbled in a wide variety of healing modalities, eventually developing her own unique approach to energy work and healing.

Through many hours of meditation and study, Janet gradually came to embrace her intuitive gifts and healing abilities. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of her journey has been overcoming her own fears – of judgment and of worthiness. Stepping forward into our full potential can be scary and overwhelming at times, yet Janet is boldly following her intuitive nudges in the hopes that her personal journey will inspire and motivate others to listen to their inner knowing, as well.

Janet believes that each of us has the ability to tap into inner wisdom, intuition, and unlock the ability to find direction in our own lives. The key is learning to let go of the thoughts that limit us and start trusting ourselves. She is committed to assisting others along their journey of self-discovery. To facilitate this, Janet offers healing, guidance, and inspiration as a Butterfly Maiden.

Janet is currently involved with several projects that are very close to her heart. She serves as the Director of the Love and Light Network, an organization dedicated to educating and empowering others. Janet is also a GeoTeam Coordinator for the Children of the Sun humanitarian foundation, a contributor at Questioning the Truth, committee chair for the Celebrating Wholeness Festival, and the founder of Innovative Holistic Wellness.

In her spare time, Janet enjoys making jewelry, hiking, and photography.


{ greater depths version }

What I Want You To Know About Me


Meet Janet Louise StephensonMy bio is ‘supposed’ to be full of proof that I am a credible, legitimate individual who has put in time (and money) to obtain a certificate that guarantees I have arrived. Personally, I think this is rather silly. Yes, I’ve got what could be interpreted as impressive letters to include after my name – but I rarely ever do, for two reasons:

1. The necessity for showcasing one’s achievements as a means of providing evidence of one’s wisdom and ability is superficial and outdated, in my opinion. I believe we should operate from a place of integrity within – an inner knowing, if you will – that provides instant recognition of truth, depth, experience, and sincerity. When we trust our gut instincts, there is no need for external proof of anything.

2.  I want you to connect with me as an equal – not as a superior. We humans have a tendency to give our power away too easily, and I want to offer my assistance as a means of empowering you. If you decided to run a marathon, you’d probably have to put in some time training. I view myself as having been training for a marathon, and can help guide you along the way.

I’ll be completely honest with you. My greatest discoveries have come from moments of insight, whether they came suddenly or during deep meditation. The wisdom I share with you belongs to my soul, and all I had to do was allow it to come forward. I used to be uncomfortable with my intuitive ‘knowingness’, constantly questioning the source of the information. I didn’t yet understand how my intuition worked, and had plenty of awkward moments when I knew things I wasn’t supposed to know!

Through many phenomenal experiences in my lifetime, I have had the opportunity to get to know my soul and my soul’s purpose at an intimate level. This is my most valuable gift and I long to share it with everyone who crosses my path.

No certification in this lifetime could compare to the ancient wisdom we all have access to – and I am finally at a place in my life where I am confidently able to access and utilize this wisdom to guide my life, as well as to assist others.



So, which version did you read? If you read more than one, which is your favorite? Drop me an email to share your answers.


 Random Tidbits:


  • I was born on a hope chest in the middle of the night.zorro
  • I discovered I have ADD in May of 2011.
  • I am the caretaker of a big, fat, black cat named Zorro – a rescue from the local shelter. It was love at first sight!
  • I have a difficult time being reverent. Life is just too funny!
  • I love my middle name. ‘Louise’ shortened to ‘Weezy’ has been my nickname for years.
  • I usually have a soundtrack for my life playing inside my head at all times.
  • I remember ridiculous details from my youth, but very often lose my keys!
  • I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
  • I am a vivid (and sometimes lucid) dreamer. I receive much guidance and information through dreams.
  • I am a sucker for compelling conversation.
  • I love to drink chai tea.
  • I have a mad crush on Nikola Tesla.
[UPDATE: Nikola Tesla has some stiff competition… recently developed a MAJOR crush on Russell Brand.] {Rawrrrr}


Becoming the Coach

I used to feel the need to prove that I deserve to be here. In fact, I saw myself as the kid who collects the baseball cards, memorizes all the stats, and absolutely loves the game – but isn’t necessarily a player. When I realized that I could definitely play, that I was actually pretty good at any position, and I’d been immersed in the game long enough to be strategically wise – I understood that I could coach!

And what do you know, the next round of wrestling began with my ego. “Who are YOU to think YOU can coach anyone else?” I’ve spent more years proving to myself that I am worthy and able than I care to recall. I’ve sought after the certifications so that I could convince everyone else (when what I really needed to do was convince myself) that I have something valuable to offer.

And I have racked up some decent letters, qualifications, etc. (See below) None of them are as valuable to me as this tidbit right here:

I am specifically here to share a message of truth and universality with as much gusto as I can muster.

I am honored to be able to share with you that I embrace that I was born with innate knowledge and wisdom. I am here to:

    • anchor a high-vibrational frequency that emanates from my being.
    • live by example – by following my bliss and being authentic.
    • empower others by reminding them of what they have forgotten.

(p.s. this isn’t the kind of realization that comes when you earn a certificate to hang on your wall.)


My Credentials

(a.k.a. Proof that I Have Put In My Time)

The proof is in the pudding!
The proof is in the pudding!

I understand the importance of excellence and credibility, and that we currently collectively agree that a certificate hanging on the wall is proof of these qualities. I will play along, but I hope you know that I would rather hang fun artwork on the wall!

You could call me a dabbler. For many years, I was like a sponge – soaking up every healing modality and technique that came into my awareness! I like to think of these as tools in my toolbox or  ingredients in my own personal recipe.

After a season of allowing the ingredients to marinate and blend together, I now offer my own personal approach to support, guidance, and healing.

During a session with you, I will use whichever methods or techniques I am intuitively guided to implement.


A sampling of techniques & modalities I have studied, mastered, and/or certified in:

  • Astrology
  • Channeling
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Aromatherapy
  • Theta Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Body Scanning
  • Stone Percussion Therapy
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Usui Reiki
  • The Work by Byron Katie
  • Oneness Blessing
  • NLP
  • Numerology
  • Divination
  • Planetary and Cosmic Rays
  • Radionics
  • The Emotion Code
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides
  • and more!

Skills that don’t require ‘certification’:

  • amplifier of energy
  • conduit for high-vibrational frequencies
  • directly connected to spirit guides
  • aligned and in tune with the ‘oneness’
  • oracle, a knower – claircognizance
  • empath
  • see through illusions

Additional qualifications:

– Masters Degree in Metaphysics, University of Sedona

– Ordained Metaphysical Minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics

– Plus, my astrology chart is loaded with great placements indicating I am doing exactly what I came here to do.

Alright, now you know me almost as well as I know myself.


Contact me.

Let’s talk about things that really matter.