I vouch for them. 

Intuitive Guidance Testimonials

Donna Bingham

I vouch for Janet’s accuracy and integrity! I’ve had readings before with others where I felt like something was ‘off’ – the information didn’t resonate within me and I didn’t feel like I could trust it. The first time I met Janet, she easily pinpointed my tender spots before I ever told her what I was struggling with. Her insight helped me immediately!

Donna Bingham - Mountain Home, ID

Stacy Thompson

I am still in awe over Janet’s gift of seeing and knowing. She sees through to the heart of the matter without any judgment or attachment and gives you the VERY best advice for your best and highest purposes.

Stacy Thompson - Rexburg, ID

Evan Wilson

I didn’t even know people like Janet existed. I still don’t understand, but I am now a believer. There is no possible way she could have known the details of my life!

Evan Wilson - Spokane, WA

Elaine Warner

I am so grateful that Janet is willing to share her gifts with the rest of us. Her guidance has helped me understand my family better and to be kinder to myself. She reminds me of the bigger picture in life and her advice is always from love.

Elaine Warner - Layton, UT

Mick Jamison

I’ve never met Janet in person. Our sessions are always over the phone. I trust her with my life and all the important pieces of it. She’s seen me at my very worst and still gave me excellent guidance that helped me find my way out of the hole I was in.

Mick Jamison - St. Petersburg, FL

Marsha Simms

I just had my first guidance session with Janet and I’ve still got tears in my eyes. Tears of joy and recognition. She saw me, the real me… the one that I hide from everybody else. She talked to the REAL me.

Marsha Simms - Alpine, WY

Jamie N.

This is the first time I’ve left a reading feeling empowered instead of entertained!

Jamie N. - Pocatello, Idaho

Carrie Rickles

Thank you for honouring my trust… I’m grateful I trusted my intuition to let you in. I felt very safe with you during my reading and I appreciate the authentic and accurate information you gave me.

Carrie Rickles - Melbourne, Australia

Janean Wright

I loved our session! It amazes me that you can give me clarity that I’ve been missing in my life. When we started, I was foggy, couldn’t remember who I am and had no idea what I should be doing in life. After just ONE session, we cleared a couple of big blocks and I’ve got some big goals that I now feel inspired and motivated to start working on!

Janean Wright - Fillmore, UT

Shara Knowles

I thought I was scheduling an intuitive reading, so it surprised me when Janet implemented energy healing to help me quickly let go of some crap I held onto for way too long. She gave me intuitive guidance, and so much more. Janet gave me several tools that I can use to clear my energy, de-stress, and feel more in charge of my own life. I’ve never had a “reading” before where I left feeling so inspired and empowered. Thank you!

Shara Knowles - Blackfoot, Idaho