Hey. I see you.

I recognize you. From all the way over here.

Plus, I’m psychic. (We can talk about that here.) I actually prefer the term “intuitive” because it embraces all the psychic skills under ONE umbrella. (Did I mention I teach Intuition Development, too?)

Let me tell you what I know about you.

You’re stuck.
You feel like there’s more to life, but you don’t know what it is. You aren’t sure how to figure it out, either.
There’s just something missing.
Is it purpose? Is it direction? Passion? Clarity? Whatever “it” is, it’s elusive.
Truth is, if you knew how to figure it out, you already would have by know. 
How does feeling “stuck” show up in your life?
  • general blah
  • feelings of dissatisfaction
  • just going through the motions
  • seeking distractions
  • possibly addictions
  • and you’re prone to depression
Why are you stuck quiz
You started doing what you thought was the “right” thing to do. Years later, you’re worried life is going by too fast without you having stepped into your greatness. Whatever that even means. Right?
You’re plagued by what you should have accomplished, by how life should look by now.
You’re afraid of rejection.
And you’re afraid of wasting your potential.
You crave PURPOSE but you don’t know how to find it.
You don’t know who you are.
You don’t know why you are here.
But you suspect there’s a REASON, a call from within… to do more, to be more.
i see you
You stress about how to improve your life, but where do you start? It’s overwhelming.
I mean, how much time does it take?
How much does it cost?
What does it look like?
Oh yes, I see you.


You feel deep down that there’s more you ought to be doing, that you came here to do something bigger, greater – that you are meant to make a difference.

But that feeling doesn’t match with what everyone around you expects from you.

– You know exactly what role you are supposed to play for your parents, spouse, friends, etc.

– You wonder if you are delusional, asking yourself, “Am I really meant to do great things?” “And if I am, how am I going to do them?”

– You debate internally, criticizing yourself for being an outcast, for being weird, different.

The thoughts going through your mind are so radically different from what the people closest to you believe, that you almost don’t dare think them. And you certainly wouldn’t ever SAY them out loud!

You haven’t had the opportunity to feel safe enough to ask your questions and find your own answers.

Until Now…

If this is you, you are in the right place. 

I specialize in helping people just like you. 
I’m here to offer you hope, to provide you with solutions, to give encouragement, support, and guidance.

Get Unstuck with Janet Louise StephensonWhy? Because not too long ago, I was wearing your shoes.

I remember what it used to feel like – the longing, the fear.

See if this sounds familiar:

You’re ready to start exploring who you really are… when you aren’t pretending to be everyone else’s image of you…

But, you’re afraid.

You fear losing friends, the judgment of your family. Maybe they’ll accuse you of having a mental illness or being on drugs.

You fear facing the truth of your situation, that this realization will make you more uncomfortable.

You fear having to make big changes in your life once you acknowledge the truth.

In fact, you’ve probably been here before, tempted to make changes in your life, but you got scared and ran back to what is familiar. Even if you are miserable, at least you know what to expect.

The see-saw frustrates you. And so does your lack of motivation.

You’ve tried self-help books, maybe even meditation and/or medication, and you might have felt better about your life momentarily, but the dissatisfaction quickly returned.

You cycle through periods of depression, haunted by the ideas that you are living small, that you should have figured this out be now… that you “should” be happy. 

You feel stuck.

I get it. I really do.


I’ve been there. And I’ve made the leaps you’re thinking about taking.

I know what you want.

You want people to like you, but you’re trapped by your need for their approval.

You want to feel again, to rise above the numbness you’ve been living in for so long. You long to break free, to escape the suffocating mold that keeps you feeling stuck.

You want to explore who you are – to become self-actualized – to develop confidence and the ability to not care what other people think.

You desire genuine connection and positive interactions with people who “get” you…

You want to know that you’re not alone.


Shall I go on?

You’re motivated by hope that freedom, happiness, and confidence exist. . . that you don’t always have to live this way.

You feel compelled from within because you know there is MORE, that YOU are MORE, and your depression comes from the mundane, routine life you are living that doesn’t match up to the longing within your soul.

Oh, how you wish there was a magical pill that will instantly transform you into a better, more confident version of yourself. You daydream about a miracle because you feel unprepared to address your self-defeating negative habits, people pleasing tendencies, and avoidance behaviors. 

I may not have a magical pill, but I can help you with that miracle and some good ol’ fashioned magic. 

I’ll pinpoint issues that keep you stagnant.
I’ll teach you there’s another way to view life.
I’ll give you bite-sized actionable steps so you don’t get overwhelmed.
I’ll lend you hope until you find your own.
I’ll help you let go of the past.
Here, you’ll feel seen, valued, understood.


p.s. Come learn how I can help you get unstuck.