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What Can I Do Here? I’m Not Sure Where To Start.

Welcome to Butterfly Maiden! Here we use the symbolism of the butterfly to address all things dealing with personal development, self awareness and GROWTH. You’ll find inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. 

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What’s A Transformation Tour Guide?

At it’s most literal definition, it means, “a person who shows the way for others to navigate their journey through a thorough & dramatic life change.”

This one time, I was meditating… and maybe someday I will share the long version of that story… but the gist is that I realized that THIS is what I do: I help guide others through the journey of transformation.

It’s SUPER helpful to have someone holding your hand, looking out for you, sharing their experience and the wisdom gained from having already blazed this trail…  

I went before you. I reach back now to help guide you.

The end.

Why Do I Call Myself A ‘Butterfly Maiden’?

Consider the symbolism of the butterfly and how profoundly it represents the human experience. The transformation the caterpillar experiences on its way to becoming a beautiful creature, capable of flight, is a wonderful metaphor for the journey we are all taking!

Several years ago I was meditating in the bathtub, pondering how to share everything that lights my fire, without diminishing my effectiveness by being spread too thin. I caught a glimpse of an umbrella with the phrase ‘Butterfly Maiden’ written on it, and each of my current projects was huddled underneath. I jumped out of the bathtub immediately and followed that juicy bit of intuitive guidance – securing the domain and business name right away!

For me, personally, the term ‘Butterfly Maiden’ reminds me that I have been transforming my life, steadily over the years. Where I was once stuck in a cocoon, wondering if the darkness would ever end, I am now learning to fly. The beauty of what I have been through, and what I can share with others is that “life is simply a transformational journey.”  

And what a difference can be made on your journey when you’ve got someone in your corner who lovingly shares their wisdom, experience, and intuitive guidance with you!

What’s The Difference Between Coaching And Guidance?

First, the similarity between Coaching and Guidance is that both are avenues for getting YOU to take action.

Coaching is a structured approach, implementing accountability, measuring progress, and the like. An example might be to set a goal, and then a coach would give you a program, with a start and end date, measuring your progress and making adjustments along the way.

Guidance, is information given for your best & highest good – like divine intervention in the form of a message… but it is not attached to what you choose to do about it.

Do I REALLY Think You Can Explain Depression With This Spiritual Crap?

[this is an actual question I’ve received – totally worthy of a response, right?] I don’t want to diminish the debilitating struggle brought on by major / severe / clinical depression and/or chemical imbalances and the like.

However, I am NOT talking about THOSE kinds of depression symptoms.

Those are “fixed” via medication, extensive therapy, and are lifelong problems that aren’t just going to clear up with the realization that the soul purpose needs to be discovered. I’m not that dense. Sheesh.

What I AM saying, though, is that a great number of people, women especially, suffer from similar symptoms… and their condition is self-inflicted and self-curable. Pretending to be something they aren’t, and losing interest in living a superficial version of their own life certainly does bring on a type of Spiritual Depression.

From personal experience, observation, and working with a pretty hefty number of clients, I can assure you that I am barking up the right tree.