I vouch for them. 

Energy Healing Testimonials

Devin Pollock

Had an amazing healing session with Janet. Had a few deep emotional blocks that Janet help me identify and remove. Felt the high frequency energy move throughout my body. She took her time to explain things and gave me positive helpful guidance to deal with the issues I was having. After my session, I felt peaceful, grounded and calm.

Devin Pollock - Kansas City, Missouri

Kathy Freeman

My husband and I were on a cross country roadtrip this summer when we ran into car trouble in Idaho. I’d been having quite a bit of anxiety during the trip, and since we were stuck, I decided to look for a healer in the area. I found Janet’s website after looking at several and I chose to go see her because of her non-dogmatic approach. I was trained at the Psychic Institute in Berkeley, so I have a good sense about other healers. Janet was able to see me right away, and she quickly identified the issues causing my anxieties and helped me release them immediately. Because we were stuck, without a vehicle, she offered to come and meet us for lunch and show us around her town. I found a top-notch healer and made a new friend on my trip! I’ve worked with many healers and I can confidently recommend Janet’s approach to energy work and healing!

Kathy Freeman - Sacramento, California

Summer Carlson

I’m in awe at how Janet was able to intuit the problems I’ve been having in my female parts, before I even told her! I didn’t realize how much my stored emotions were affecting me. During our healing session, I felt warm and tingly sessions through my entire body, mostly in my abdomen, and I am happy to tell you that the pain is gone! Janet has a warm and nurturing way about her so I felt safe the entire time she was working on me. Wonderful experience made a believer out of me!

Summer Carlson - Ririe, Idaho

Marla Stilson

One morning I had this feeling of dread take over me. My chest got tight and I couldn’t breathe very well. I contacted Janet because I had heard from a friend that she offered distance energy healing. I’m in Georgia and she’s in Idaho, so it would have to be done from far away. We had a phone session and as she worked on me, she talked me through it, explaining what she was doing, and what she was seeing. I felt a warm surge of energy hit me in my chest area and then the panic and tightness started to immediately disappear. She talked to me about my boundaries and how to take better care of my space. I’ve continued to call on her for healing and guidance.

Marla Stilson - Georgia

Janean Wright

I loved our session! It amazes me that you can give me clarity that I’ve been missing in my life. When we started, I was foggy, couldn’t remember who I am and had no idea what I should be doing in life. After just ONE session, we cleared a couple of big blocks and I’ve got some big goals that I now feel inspired and motivated to start working on!

Janean Wright - Fillmore, UT