In a RUT?
    Wanna know WHY you are stuck?

Have You Figured Out Why You Are Stuck?

In order to escape stagnation and move forward, it is vital to know what is keeping you from making progress toward a better life.  Take the QUIZ to pinpoint exactly why you are stuck.   Overwhelmingly, the quiz nails down the mentality of your primary area of stagnation. Buuuuut, like all subjective questionnaires, it doesn’t take into account complexity in personality and situation. You may have scored barely higher in a negative mindset than you did on storytelling, but the quiz … Read More

Progress Requires More Doing Less Thinking

I wish I were making more progress toward my goals. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to stick with it. Every time I get close, I hit a wall and I slide backward. It’s like I know what I want to do, and I know how to get there, I just don’t do it. What’s wrong with me? Sound familiar? Today, my friends, we are going to talk about the crucial mistake you are making when it comes … Read More

Kick Complacency to the Curb

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Instagram that thought-provoked me. It’s rare for a random image to touch me so deeply and then continue to sit in the forefront of my awareness. With permission from my friend, Rob Comish, here is the post he originally shared: This is what I wake up to everyday. This beautiful half gone cup of coffee. They are all over the house. One of those things that used to make me smack … Read More

Setting Personal Boundaries is YOUR Job

Setting personal boundaries will someday be my forte’. And I’m well on my way. Recently, I found myself in an all-too-familiar position: someone in my sphere of existence was treading all over my space in what felt like gigantic, heavy, loud and cumbersome boots. On the surface, everything SHOULD have been fine, except for the fact that my energy was screaming at me to fix this perceived intrusion. When I recognized that I have been in this position before, that … Read More

8 Revealing Secrets to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

As a teenager, second-guessing plagued me just about every weekend. I wasn’t very good at choosing which social invitations to accept, always worrying that if I said “yes” to something before I knew what all my options were, that I’d somehow miss out on something better. The problem with that mentality is that sometimes something better doesn’t come along. Consequently, I missed out on a few things I would have really enjoyed due to either my indecision, or my tendency … Read More

The Unchurched: Losing Religion Due to Clashes with Personal Values

I recently read an excellent essay written by a formerly devout Mormon man and found myself impressed with the clarity in which he shared the personal soul-searching that led to his exodus from organized religion. He used a term that was new to me: “the unchurched”, which is a fitting descriptive for many of the readers here at Butterfly Maiden. I felt this essay would provide many of you with some thought-provoking comfort, as you ponder the questions that are … Read More

Watching My Kittens Die Taught Me This Valuable Lesson

Here’s an interesting thing about young kittens: you can give them everything they need to thrive, including food and water, but if they refuse to partake – THEY WILL DIE. I recently watched in horror as I did every single thing I could possibly think of to prolong the lives of four young kittens: provided food, and when they were too weak to simply chew, I blended the food and put it into a syringe and attempted to force them … Read More

Being Vulnerable is Supposed to Make You Brave & Beautiful

I admit it. When I don’t feel like I’m on top of my game, I don’t want other people to know it. Feeling vulnerable is about as unpleasant for me as having my eyebrows plucked out one by one. I don’t like it. My usual approach is to withdraw where I feel safe and secure. You could say I’ve been hibernating lately. I could happily stay in this place for the rest of the Winter! Buuuuuuuut, I came across some brilliance … Read More

Dare to Ask. Dare to Receive.

How often have you wanted something, worked up the courage to ask for it, feeling positive and emboldened, and then downward spiraled into awkward worry, doubt, insecurity, and stress? Are you familiar with that sinking feeling that there was somehow a loophole in your request – perhaps you asked for a new car, fully expecting the latest model automobile, but what you received was a hot wheels car as a happy meal toy? Or what about the times you want … Read More

How Do You Respond When Your Beliefs Are Challenged?

How solid are your beliefs? Do you relish an opportunity for your beliefs to get challenged so you can measure your own convictions? Or are you committed to believing what you believe regardless of any circumstance? Recently, I started adding new bloggers to the editorial team here at Butterfly Maiden. And I immediately fell in love with the concept of sharing diverse voices with my readers. Providing alternative perspectives to this journey of transformation we are all taking makes me … Read More

Emotional Freedom is Your Responsibility

What is emotional freedom, and would you embrace it if given the choice? Just this morning, while talking and sharing with a good friend, I told a story from my personal experience that brought up unexpected emotion for me. I didn’t realize there was any residual upset lingering and it caught me by surprise. I recognized the sinking feeling in my tummy, accompanied by a strong desire to cry. When I sense emotions rising to the surface, I prefer to … Read More

Why You Can’t See the REAL Me

Will the Real Me Please Stand Up? The subject of authenticity has been heavy on my mind in recent months as I’ve spear-headed the Butterfly Maiden Project to help others discover their version of the real me. The questions “Do You Even Know HOW You Hide The Real You?” sparked an enlightening discussion, and continues to provoke soul searching. As your Transformation Tour Guide, I want to share what I have learned as I’ve been exploring and revealing the real me. … Read More

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