I’ll try to make this as simple as I can.

Here at Butterfly Maiden, we use the symbolism of the butterfly as the central theme for all this talk about personal transformation and self-discovery. (And that about sums everything up in a nutshell.) 

But, there’s much more to it than that.

Sometimes pie-in-the-sky talk about grand themes for our life purpose and soul path are too abstract to be able to work on in a measurable, meaningful way. So, the concept of becoming a butterfly converts big ideas into smaller bite-sized pieces that we can tackle without feeling overwhelmed.

What’s a Butterfly Maiden? 

The official definition might be something like “an unmarried flying insect”. 

But, it is much more meaningful to me.

In 2009, while meditating, I was given the name Butterfly Maiden to represent both my personal vision and my business. It represents the symbolic transformation of life. I use the metaphor in the programs I’ve created to help people, just like you, move through the Stages of Transformation.

I also like to think of the third Stage of Transformation – Take Flight – as a MAIDEN voyage. 

Plus, butterflies are cool.


about butterfly maidenOhhhhh, excellent question!

See, you are here with me, right now. You’re reading my words on a website that is dedicated to personal transformation. I don’t know how you found me, and that’s not important… what I do know – is that I believe in synchronicity.

So, let’s talk about what all this butterfly fluffery means to you.

The butterfly goes through different stages before we see it flitting around, bringing joy and wonder… and so do we. Moving through the stages isn’t easy, especially since we metaphorically stumble around in a dark cocoon all by our lonesomes for far too long before we ever reach out for help.

My goal is to guide you through these Stages of Transformation so that you can inspire others with your beautiful wings as you take flight!


Three Stages of Transformation


butterfly-maiden-icon-pink-right-frameStage 1: EMERGE from your Cocoon

If you feel stuck, trapped, stagnant, doubtful, confused, lost…. you’ve got to break free and emerge from your cocoon.

Are you hiding who you really are, what you really believe? Do you put your dreams on hold… have you forgotten who you really are? This place of “darkness” & “despair” is YOUR cocoon.

Together, we will move through the issues that have kept you stagnant, empower you, and strengthen you, until you are ready to emerge.


Stage 2: PAINT your WINGSbm-icon-purple-left-frame

Once you’ve taken off your masks, let go of the crap that weighs you down, and emerged from your cocoon, it’s time to discover who you really are so you can display your true colors with confidence.

There’s a good chance you’ve spent your whole life pleasing other people, meeting other people’s needs and expectations. It’s time for you to explore who you are.

What are your gifts, talents, strengths? What brings you joy and passion?


bm-icon-blue-rightStage 3: Take FLIGHT

Now you’re ready to take your passions out into the world – perhaps it’s a business or a project… somehow you are inspired, motivated, and on fire for a cause greater than yourself!

It’s time to learn how to fly! With every new height you reach, you’ll also be setting a wonderful example for others to follow.

Are you ready to pursue your dreams?

Curious to know what stage you’re in?  Take the WHY AM I STUCK QUIZ <<< 

But, wait. There’s more!

I still need to tell you about the Metamorphosis Manifesto! And my services and programs! Keep reading, por favor!

Metamorphosis Manifesto:

One of those crazy ideas that won’t let you sleep at night, so you get up and make hasty notes for hours on end thinking you’ll go back to sleep and maybe forget about it, but you don’t because it’s such a big idea it just has to be inspired and so you pour your heart & soul into it, and then, it turns into something amazing.

It’s a movement to empower people to remember who they really are – to let go of their crap, step into their potential, develop confidence, and then take it out into the world to make a difference.


Read the Manifesto



Butterfly Maiden Better Life Academy

I am THRILLED to bring you online courses that will inspire, motivate, challenge, and empower you to live a better life.

Yes, I still work with clients and students in group settings and 1:1 sessions, but I’m only one person and my available time is limited. Offering my expertise as a Transformation Tour Guide through this channel allows me to help more people!

Teach me!