In a RUT?
    Wanna know WHY you are stuck?

Would you like to:

get to know the REAL you

find passion & purpose

stop people pleasing

eliminate stagnation

embrace your potential


Of course! But, why haven’t you already done these things?

psssst. It’s because you are STUCK somewhere.

Stuck in a rut, in the past, in your comfort zone.

Stuck in expectations,negativity, and FEAR.

Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, rejection, responsibility, fear of being seen.

Are you scared spitless to keep living your life the way you have been? Aimless, numb, robotic, uncertain. UGH.

Wouldn’t you rather feel …

 vibrant, peaceful, passionate, empowered? 

So, how do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

How do you start to live your best life?

They say knowledge is power. When we know better, we do better. The Why Am I Stuck? Quiz is an ideal place to start because you can identify what keeps you stagnant and complacent. But that doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly improved your situation. You’ve still got some work to do


Which is difficult if you also struggle with symptoms of DEPRESSION.*

 [ despair. lethargy. stuck. unmotivated. failure. disconnected. isolated. different. slow. heavy. burdened. ]


Admitting that we’re not happy is often viewed as a sign of weakness, so we put on a brave face and just keep going through the motions, trying to stay busy enough so that we won’t have to acknowledge our FEELINGS.

Yep, those heavy feelings… of being disconnected, trapped, stuck, sad, confused, unmotivated, lethargic, dissatisfied … ?

It’s more than just a funk, or a case of the blues – your zest for life is gone and you rarely have enough motivation to go looking for it. It’s much easier to continue to throw yourself into work and family, justifying the importance of your actions.


Even easier to self-medicate and checkout, possibly fueling an addiction. (Or three.) 


And then… because you don’t want to acknowledge your feelings of doubt, insecurity, discomfort, you put on your masks, you get busy playing your roles, and you seek out distractions to numb yourself.


 What do you consume in an attempt to avoid feeling your feelings, to fill up the VOID? Food, television, alcohol, sex, drama? 

I’m not judging you, but guess what – It’s TIME to make some changes.

That’s why you’re here, right?

How do you go about getting UNstuck once you’ve figured out what exactly is holding you back? (take the quiz, yo)

How do you start to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE?


Because this kind of thing requires a special type of guide. Because you need someone in your corner who listens without judging, who hopes for the absolute best for you. Because sometimes it takes an expert to help you get crystal clear on what keeps you stuck in your funk, so you can get your groove back.


There’s a pretty damn good chance, you’re stuck somewhere on your own journey and you don’t know how to get unstuck.
I just so happen to be a Transformation Tour Guide

meet-janet-louise-stephensontrans·for·ma·tion tour guide

transfərˈmāSHən/ toor/ gīd/


1. a person who shows the way for others to navigate their journey through a thorough & dramatic life change. 


My name is Janet Stephenson and I am an expert in guiding you to live your best life.

I’m living proof you can get UNstuck, figure out who you really are and what you ought to be doing with your life.

I can help you find direction and purpose, reclaim your positive outlook, even let go of the past.

I’ve been where you are… stagnant, overwhelmed, confused… I know what it’s like to be in that hell hole called depression, to feel blah about life.

I know without a doubt that I can help you find clarity, confidence, passion, and purpose.

You want some of that? With my services and programs, you’ll soon feel alive, vibrant, inspired, hopeful, enthusiastic, connected, happy, valued… and more.

I promise.

Let’s get this party started – you take the quiz, and I’ll be waiting to hear the results so I can make personalized recommendations to you.



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