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I don’t even know. (Stick around, we need to talk!)

I’m just me, all the time. (high fives! Kudos to you… this probably isn’t gonna be your scene.)

So, then… People Pleaser – Have you been seeking acceptance and approval your whole life? Sometimes at your own expense?

Have you sacrificed your own happiness because you need everyone else to like you more than you want to be happy? I thought so.

I’m willing to bet you sometimes feel really sad on the inside, maybe even a bit disinterested in life – perhaps even resentful of the obligations and expectations you must meet.

You might even struggle with symptoms of DEPRESSION.


Oh! Did I really just say that in public? >>>

Admitting that we’re not happy is often viewed as a sign of weakness, so we put on a brave face and just keep going through the motions, trying to stay busy enough so that we won’t have to acknowledge our FEELINGS.

Yep, those heavy feelings… of being disconnected, trapped, stuck, sad, confused, unmotivated, lethargic, dissatisfied … ?

Maybe you call it being in a funk, or a case of the blues – your zest for life is gone and you rarely have enough motivation to go looking for it. [sad face]


{ These feelings of “blah” are side effects

from your outer world being out of sync with your soul. }

Yes, I just said that in public, too. And I’m about to say something very profound, so pay close attention.


You sacrifice your own happiness in exchange for the approval of others, invalidating your inner voice, (which is a source of clarity and guidance), living in a perpetual fogginess bordering on darkness & despair.

*I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice… we aren’t talking about severe or clinical depression – this is a spiritual condition that won’t respond to medication.


question-markSo, what do you do when you realize that your life isn’t what you thought it would be, and you actually feel motivated to do something about it?

How do you break free…? From the masks you wear, the expectations you feel obligated to meet, from these heavy feelings?

You follow my lead. Take it from a Recovering People Pleaser: To emerge from the feelings of caca, you need to remember who you really are when you aren’t pretending to be who and what will please everyone else.

You must align your inner world with your outer world. If that sounds abstract or intimidating… if it seems too big, remember – you aren’t alone:



Because this kind of thing requires a special type of guide. Because you need someone in your corner who listens without judging, who hopes for the absolute best for you – for no other reason than because I LOVE you… because sometimes it takes an expert to help you get crystal clear on what keeps you stuck in your funk, so you can get your groove back.





<<< See this happy face?

I’m living proof you can establish healthy boundaries, remember what brings you joy, figure out what makes you tick, get un-stuck, and beat depression!

You want some of that, too? With my programs, you’ll soon feel alive, vibrant, inspired, hopeful, enthusiastic, connected, happy, valued….shall I go on?  Tell Me More



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